Quiz: Connectives and Contrastives

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Connectives and Contrastives Quiz

Exercise Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - He took his gloves as it was very cold outside
Q2 - Since she was the best worker she was promoted quickly
Q3 - He worked very hard for the test. However, he still failed
Q4 - He wouldn't drive slower despite the thick fog
Q5 - She insisted on going for a walk in spite of the weather
Q6 - Since he could speak several languages he found a job without too much difficulty
Q7 - Although it was freezing, he went out in a T-shirt
Q8 - In spite of the problems, we managed to finish it on time
Q9 - Despite the police, the demonstration went ahead
Q10 - Even though he had not done any work, he still got the best mark
Q11 - It was easy as we had all the instructions