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Every Tom, Dick and Harry
If every Tom, Dick and Harry knows about something, then it is common knowledge.
Every trick in the book
If you try every trick in the book, you try every possible way, including dishonesty and deceit, to get what you want.
Everybody and their uncle
This basically means a lot of people or too many people; everybody and their uncle was there.
Everything but the kitchen sink
If people include everything but the kitchen sink, they include every possibility, regardless of whether they are useful.
Exception that proves the rule
This expression is used by many to indicate that an exception in some way confirms a rule. Others say that the exception tests the rule. In its original legal sense, it meant that a rule could sometimes be inferred from an exemption or exception. In general use, the first meaning predominates nowadays, much to the annoyance of some pedants.
Explore all avenues
If all avenues are being explored, then every conceivable approach is being tried that could possibly get the desired result.
Eye candy
When a person is very attractive, they can be described as eye candy - sweet to look at!
Eye for an eye
This is an expression for retributive justice, where the punishment equals the crime.
Something surprising, unexpected which reveals the truth about something or someone.
This expression 'eye-wash' is generally used to cover up the anxiety of a person who is seeking a concrete reply or justification for an act or an event that had affected his personal image or caused him a loss. The affected person usually represents his case to the higher-ups and puts forth his demands for redressal. But the authority, in order to avoid embarrassment to his organisation or to himself, is not in a position to expose the entire material or evidence which in turn tell upon the credibility of the organisation. In such circumstances, he will usually call for an investigation to satisfy the complainant, but will not be keen in disposing the case. The authority will drag on the issue, (at the same time pretending to be serious) until the seriousness of the issue dies down and no finality is reached. So, ' The investigation on the issue by the authority is an eye-wash'.
Eyeball to eyeball
If you are eyeball to eyeball with an enemy or rival, you confront or face them down them directly.
Eyes are bigger than one's stomach
If someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, they are greedy and take on more than they can consume or manage.

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