Is 'To Lash' Separable or Inseparable? - Phrasal Verb Quiz

Quiz for Verb: 'To lash'

Choose the correct definition for each phrasal verb...

'Lash down' - Secure something with ropes or cords

'Lash out against' - Criticise something strongly

'Lash out at' - Criticise someone or shout at them

'Lash out' - React angrily

'Lash out at' - Hit someone suddenly, usually without warning, or try to hit them

'Lash out' - Spend a lot of money on luxuries

'Lash into' - Criticise someone strongly

'Lash down' - Fall heavily (rain)

'Lash out' - Suddenly become violent

'Lash out on' - Spend a lot of money buying something