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Bur under my saddle
A bur under your saddle is something that annoys you or spurs you into action.('Burr' is an alternative spelling.)
Burn rubber
If you burn rubber, you drive very fast to get somewhere.
Burn the candle at both ends
Someone who burns the candle at both ends lives life at a hectic pace, doing things which are likely to affect their health badly.
Burn the midnight oil
If you stay up very late working or studying, you burn the midnight oil.
Burn your bridges
If you burn your bridges, you do something that makes it impossible to go back from the position you have taken.
Burn your fingers
If you burn your fingers, you suffer a loss or something unpleasant as the result of something you did, making you less likely to do it again.
Burning daylight
Burning daylight is wasting time.
Burning question
A burning question is something we all want to know about.
Burr up the ass
(USA) If you have a burr up your ass, you are very upset about something that has happened and intend to do something about it to correct it.
Burst at the seams
To be filled to or beyond normal capacity: This room will be bursting at the seams when all the guests arrive.
Burst your bubble
If you correct someone's ignorant or delusional belief, you burst their bubble. (Bust someone's bubble is also used.)
Bury the hatchet
If you bury the hatchet, you make peace with someone and stop arguing or fighting.
Bury your head in the sand
If someone buries their head in the sand, they ignore something that is obviously wrong.
Busman's holiday
A busman's holiday is when you spend your free time doing the same sort of work as you do in your job.
Bust a move
It can mean to break out a dance move or to get a move on, hurry up.
Bust my chops
When someone says that they're not going to bust their chops, it means they are not going to work that hard or make much effort.
Busted flush
Someone or something that had great potential but ended up a useless failure is a busted flush.
Busy as a beaver
If you're as busy as a beaver, you're very busy indeed.
Busy as a bee
If you are as busy as a bee, you are very busy indeed.
Busy as a one-armed paper hanger
If you've ever hung wallpaper, you know it can get pretty intense when you've spread the wallpaper paste and you then have to hoist it up the ladder to the corner of the ceiling to hang it on the wall. It is tricky to get it perfectly lined up with the vertical plumb line, and get it glued evenly to the wall, without bubbles or lumps. And it all has to be done in fairly short time, before the paste dries. It's a tricky job at the best of times, when you have two arms. Imagine the hassle of doing all that at once -- with one arm!
Butt naked
If someone is butt naked, they have no clothes on at all, often when they can be seen.
Butt of a joke
If something or someone becomes the butt of a joke it or they are not taken seriously anymore.
Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth
If someone looks as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouth, they look very innocent.
Someone who has butterfingers is clumsy and drops things.
Butterflies in your stomach
The nervous feeling before something important or stressful is known as butterflies in your stomach.
Button it
If someone tells you to button it, they are ordering you to be quiet.
Button your lip
If you button your lip, you keep quiet and don't speak. It is also used as a way of telling someone to shut up.
Buy the farm
When somebody has bought the farm, they have died.
By a hair's breadth
If a person escapes from some danger by a hair's breadth, they only just managed to avoid it. The breadth is the thickness of a hair, so they probably feel somewhat lucky because the margin between success and what could easily have been failure was so close.
By a long chalk
(UK) If you beat somebody by a long chalk, you win easily and comfortably.
By a mile
If you miss, lose, win, etc, something by a mile, there is a considerable difference in standard oir performance between you and the others. ('By miles' is also used.)
By a whisker
If you do something by a whisker, you only just manage to do it and come very near indeed to failing.
By and large
By and large means usually or generally.
By cracky
A term used by rural folks in years past to emphasize a matter of importance or urgency. An example: 'By cracky, you need to get out there in the field with that mule and plow and finish the sod-busting before dark.'
By dint of
This means 'as a result of' or 'because of': It would be good to think he'd risen to position of Chief Executive by dint of hard work.
By heart
If you learn something by heart, you learn it word for word.
By hook or by crook
If you are prepared to do something by hook or by crook, you are willing to do anything, good or bad, to reach your goal.
By leaps and bounds
Something that happens by leaps and bounds happens very quickly in big steps.
By the back door
If something is started or introduced by the back door, then it is not done openly or by following the proper procedures.
By the book
If you do something by the book, you do it exactly as you are supposed to.
By the by
This is used as a way of introducing an incidental topic in a conversation or to say that something is irrelevant. ('By the bye' is also used.)
By the numbers
If something is done by the numbers, it is done in a mechanical manner without room for creativity.
By the same token
If someone applies the same rule to different situations, they judge them by the same token: If things go well, he's full of praise, but, by the same token, when things go wrong he gets furious.
By the seat of your pants
If you do something by the seat of your pants, you achieve something, but only by a narrow margin or do something without advance preparation.
By the skin of your teeth
If you do something by the skin of your teeth, you only just manage to do it and come very near indeed to failing.
By word of mouth
If something becomes known by word of mouth, it gets known by being talked about rather than through publicity or advertising, etc.

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