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Go doolally
(UK) If someone goes doolally, they are behaving irrationally.
Go down a storm
To say that something has been enjoyable or successful, you can say that it has gone down a storm. Eg. Last night's party went down a storm, it was incredible.
Go down like a cup of cold sick
(UK) An idea or excuse that will not be well accepted will go down like a cup of cold sick.
Go down like a lead balloon
(UK) If something goes down like a lead balloon, it fails or is extremely badly received.
Go down swinging
If you want to go down swinging, you know you will probably fail, but you refuse to give up.
Go down without a fight
If someone goes down without a fight, they surrender without putting up any resistance.
Go Dutch
If you go Dutch in a restaurant, you pay equal shares for the meal.
Go easy on
1. Don't use to much of something. Example:"Go easy on the ice, I just want a little bit in my drinks." (also "easy ice") or "Go easy on the gas--slow down!" (or "easy on the gas") 2. Don't demand too much, or be to critical, rough or hard on something or someone. Examples: "Go easy on her, she's had a hard day." or "Go easy on that car door--don't slam it!" or "The coach is going too easy on the team since that last big loss."
Go fly a kite
(USA) This is used to tell someone to go away and leave you alone.
Go for broke
If someone goes for broke, they risk everything they have for a potentially greater gain.
Go for the jugular
If you go for the jugular, you attack someone where they are most vulnerable.
Go fry an egg
(USA) This is used to tell someone to go away and leave you alone.
Go hand in hand
If things go hand in hand, they are associated and go together.
Go haywire
When something goes haywire, it is completely out of control and erratic.
Go mental
If someone goes mental, they become very angry indeed.
Go nuts
If someone goes nuts, they get excited over something.
Go off half-cocked
If you go off half-cocked, you take a rash action without being prepared for the consequences. It refers to an old fashioned single action revolver, which had a half-cock position in the action where it would supposedly not fire. If you made a mistake and it was at full cock, you would fire prematurely, possibly with devastating results.
Go off on a tangent
If someone goes off on a tangent, they change the subject completely in the middle of a conversation or talk.
Go out with a bang
If someone goes out with a bang, they finish or stop doing something in spectacular, noteworthy or otherwise interesting fashion.
Go over like a lead balloon
(USA) If something goes over like a lead balloon, it will not work well, or go over well.
Go overboard
If you go overboard, you do something excessively.
Go pear-shaped
(UK) If things have gone wrong, they have gone pear-shaped.
Go play in traffic
This is used as a way of telling someone to go away.
Go pound salt
(USA) This means 'Get lost' or 'Go away'('Go pound sand' is also used.)
Go round in circles
If people are going round in circles, they keep discussing the same thing without reaching any agreement or coming to a conclusion.
Go south
If things go south, they get worse or go wrong.
Go spare
(UK) If you go spare, you lose your temper completely.
Go tell it to birds
This is used when someone says something that is not credible or is a lie.
Go the distance
If you go the distance, you continue until something ends, no matter how difficult.
Go the extra mile
If someone is prepared to go the extra mile, they will do everything they can to help or to make something succeed, going beyond their duty what could be expected of them .
Go the whole hog
If you go the whole hog, you do something completely or to its limits.
Go through the mill
If you go through the mill, you have a very unpleasant experience.  If you put someone through the mill, you make them undergo an unpleasant experience.
Go through the motions
When you go through the motions, you do something like an everyday routine and without any feelings whatsoever.
Go to the mat
(USA) If people go  to the mat, they continue to struggle or fight to the end, until they have either won or have finally been defeated.  
Go to bat for
If you go to bat for someone, you support or help him or her when they need it.
Go to seed
If someone has gone to seed, they have declined in quality or appearance.
Go to the wall
If a company goes to the wall, it goes bust or fails.
Go to the wire
If someone goes to the wire, they risk their life, job, reputation, etc, to help someone.
Go to town
Someone who goes to town does something enthusiastically and as completely as possible, especially if this involves spending a lot of money.
Go to your head
If something goes to your head, it makes you feel vain.  If alcohol goes to your head, it makes you feel drunk quickly.
Go under the hammer
If something goes under the hammer, it is sold in an auction.
Go west
If something goes west, it goes wrong. If someone goes west, they die.
Go with the flow
If you go with the flow, you accept things as they happen and do what everyone else wants to do.
A go-getter is someone determined to be successful.
Go-to guy
A go-to guy is a person whose knowledge of something is considerable so everyone wants to go to him or her for information or results.
Going concern
A successful and active business is a going concern.
Going Jesse
(USA) If something is a going Jesse, it's a viable, successful project or enterprise.
Going overboard
If you go overboard with something, then you take something too far, or do too much.
Golden handshake
A golden handshake is a payment made to someone to get them to leave their job.
Golden opportunity
A golden opportunity is an usually good chance to do or succeed at something. A chance that should not be missed.

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