Idioms Beginning With: 'P'

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Put your heads together
If people put their head together, they exchange ideas about something.
Put your money where your mouth is
If someone puts their money where their mouth is, they back up their words with action.
Put your name in the pot
If you ask if you should put someone's name in the pot, you are asking whether you should add someone's name to the list of those who will be joining us for a particular meal or event.
Put your oar in
If you join a discussion or offer your opinion when not invited or expected to do so, you put your oar in.
Put your shoulder to the wheel
When you put your shoulder to the wheel, you contribute to an effort.
Put your thumb on the scales
If you put your thumb on the scales, you try to influence the result of something in your favour.
Put yourself in someone's shoes
If you put yourself in someone's shoes, you imagine what it is like to be in their position.
Putting the cart before the horse
When you put the cart before the horse, you are doing something the wrong way round.
Pyrrhic victory
A Pyrrhic victory is one that causes the victor to suffer so much to achieve it that it isn't worth winning.

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