Article Noam Chomsky Talks About Universal Grammar [Video]


In this video, Noam Chomsky talks about language at Google as part of the Authors@Google series.

In this question and answer session he discusses a number of topics, but the first is about universal grammar in which he provides an in-depth description of how his ideas on universal grammar have evolved over time.

Another interesting question he answers at the end of the session relates to the effect of email, instant messaging and the like on syntax and grammar (TXT Speak). Hear Chomsky's views on whether this is just a natural part of the evolution of language and how it's affecting our minds.

You can view the video on YouTube here. Duration: 53:28

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i like to add at his page

Noam Chomsky is one of those persons that I dream to meet, being a teacher of English!

He replied to a question I emailed him a couple of years ago.

i see this video and my dream is to speak english, learn english, write english.
this person is gteat.

Chomsky is an incredible thinker, and his ideas of how the mind work are fascinating. Colourless green me.

chomsky is the pioneer of grammar.

I also dream of meeting and talking to N Chomsky as a pioneer in the field of Grammar and language learning

Good evening
Could you please tell me how can I apply the great linguists UG in the classroom

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i appreciate him because of his great knowledge in the field of English language. we are studying chomskys universal grammar book written by Cook and Newson in MA course.

my dream came true to meet and see N chomsky. this is very good. this site can increase my English

That was great. Thanks.

I have emailed him a few times and he has always responded within the day, once within five minutes!

Good evening
I am Mahmood; I am from Mauritania. I am undergraduate university student. Now I am workimg on My thesis (research paper).This thesis is an attempt to offer a comparative study about krashen's (monitor) theory and Chomsky's Universal Grammar theory as tow different perspective descriptive and explainatory aproaches to Second Language Acquisition. I need your help if some one knows the e-mail Adress of Dr. Chomsky.
Thanks for consideration and concern

i've been trying to download this video for my personal study of grammar (i'm currently interested in studying the interface of grammar and pragmatics). would u pls send this video to me? it's impossible to download it at my region. thnx~

It's not on our site, so I am afraid that we can't do anything there.

Could u please send his email address to me? I am reaally interested. I study grammar in Argentina. Thnx a lot

Have you tried using the Firefox browser and one of their download plugins? There are so many out there. Net Hunter is one of the good ones. Good luck!

BTW, if you can watch the video in your region then I'm sure you can probably get it with a plugin.

Hi every one
Dr.Noam Chomsky is the top professor in English language or even in languages

Hi every body who reads my comment,actually I come from Iran and I `m studing Linguistics. I want to write an article about "The origin of language" it makes me feel great if you could help me.

Chomsky is the best linguist whose books make you taste linguistics.

Professor Chomsky is a great linguist-man.I have also a dream to meet him and to talk more in-depth about language area.

Can anyone suggest me the best book to teach language learning theories?Currently , I am teaching the learning theories including behaviorism, universal grammar and so on.

He replied when I emailed him, so he's contactable.

i see this video and my dream is to speak english, learn english, write english.
this person is gteat.

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