Verbs ending '-e'

Summary: A look at the spelling rules for verbs that end with the letter 'e'.

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First Published: 12th Dec. 2006 | Last Edited: 25th Jan. 2019

If the base form ends in a silent -e, drop the -e before adding -ing and -ed inflections:

  • create/creating
  • type/typing
  • shake/shaking

For one-syllable verbs ending in -ye, -oe, or -nge, keep the -e before -ing, but drop it before -ed

  • dye -- dyeing/dyed
  • hoe -- hoeing/hoed
  • singe -- singeing/singed

If the base form ends in -ie or -ee, just add -d to make the past tense or past participle.

  • die/died
  • disagree/disagreed

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