Selling human eggs

Type: Cloze / Gap Fill

Level: Beginner

Category: Health & Medicine

Questions: 8

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Selling human eggs

A twenty-five-year-old English woman has advertised 1) __________ own eggs for sale 2) __________ the internet to pay off her credit card debt. She 3) __________ that she has three jobs - a day job and two part-time jobs in pubs 4) __________ the evening, but thinks selling her eggs would be a better way to 5) __________ out her money problems.

Last year, the law changed and children 6) __________ from donated eggs can be told 7) __________ their biological mother is. Since then, fewer women have been donating eggs. Critics 8) __________ that it is dangerous to donate eggs and also say that people should do it for free and not for money. Despite the critics, it is likely that paying for eggs will become more common in the future.

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