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Instructions: Choose the natural collocation.

Q1 - Which is correct?
I have done a great deal of work.
I have done a big deal of work.
Q2 - Which is correct?
We're in severe straits.
We're in dire straits.
Q3 - Which is correct?
I've got a deafening headache.
I've got a blinding headache.
Q4 - Which is correct?
It wasn't much trouble- it was no great deal.
It wasn't much trouble- it was no big deal.
Q5 - Which is correct?
It is a fatal disease.
It is a mortal disease.
Q6 - Which is correct?
He's terminally ill.
He's mortally ill.
Q7 - Which is correct?
It's a small priority issue.
It's a low priority issue.
Q8 - Which is correct?
I like the environment of the restaurant.
I like the ambiance of the restaurant.
Q9 - Which is correct?
It was total chaos.
It was great chaos.
Q10 - Which is correct?
She was highly drunk.
She was extremely drunk.
Q11 - Which is correct?
It was a turning moment.
It was a pivotal moment.

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