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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - At nine o'clock, an usher opened the main door, and all manners ____ forgotten in the rush to get inside.
had been
Either could be used.
Q2 - If hundreds of people have to go through a small door, the funnel effect ___ inevitable.
will be
Either could be used here.
Q3 - I turned up at the modern art gallery before nine to avoid the queue, but there ____ already, in fact, a small crowd there.
had been
Either could be used here.
Q4 - He was amazed to feel such a strong desire to go in; normally, he ____ have been less inclined enter such a place.
Either could be used here.
Q5 - He presents us with purely factual account, never ____ us the occasion to question any of its content.
Q6 - He ____ most of his lifetime in writing his history.
had spent
Q7 - He feared his enemies and all those who ____ him.
could threaten
could have threatened
Either could be used.
Q8 - He couldn't imagine what the room ____ look like now.
Either could be used.
Q9 - He could not afford to be out of the public eye; it ____ the death of his political career.
would mean
would have meant
Either could be used
Q10 - Many similar examples ____ be seen in the text, but I would like to focus on this one.
Either could be used

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