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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - ____ me; I will be happy to lend a hand.
On behalf of
Instead of
As for
Apart from
Q2 - I am ____ the idea- I think it will work well.
on behalf of
in favour of
by means of
Q3 - His success was ____ the support he got from the team.
owing to
due to
Q4 - Unfortunately, we had to cancel it ____ the bad weather.
in case of
owing to
Q5 - I'd like to thank you ____ all of us.
with regard to
on behalf of
owing to
Q6 - Everything's ____- there's no need to worry.
in control
under control
Q7 - I need it by Friday ____.
on the fly
at the latest
at short notice
Q8 - She has nothing ____ them.
on behalf of
in common with
Q9 - He looks upset- I think he took the criticism ____.
by heart
to heart
Q10 - You've finished ____.
at the latest
at last

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