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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - If someone is ousted from their job,...
they are forced out.
they leave voluntarily.
Q2 - A pledge is...
a threat.
a promise.
an obligation.
Q3 - If a document is leaked,...
it is sent officially to the press.
it is sent unofficially to the press.
Q4 - If something looms,...
it is good news.
it is bad news.
Q5 - If the governement gets flak for a policy,...
they are praised.
they are criticised.
Q6 - An economic boom is
a rapid increase.
a rapid decrease.
Q7 - If something bolsters an argument,...
it helps it.
it destroys it.
Q8 - If something is alleged to have happened,...
it happened.
it didn't happen.
we don't know whether it happened or not.
Q9 - If a company goes on a spending spree,...
it tries to cut costs.
it spends a lot of money.
Q10 - An economic slump is
good news.
bad news.
Q11 - If expenditure is slashed,...
a lot more money is spent.
a lot less money is spent.
Q12 - If prices soar,...
they fall.
they increase.

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