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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - Did you remember ____ it off before you left?
to turn
Q2 - I remember ____ smoke coming out of the engine.
to see
Q3 - If you remember doing something, the memory comes after the action.
True False
Q4 - If you remember to do something, the memory comes after the action.
True False
Q5 - They think I forgot all about it, but I clearly remember ____ it.
to do
Q6 - The witnesses remember ____ two men steal it.
to see
Q7 - There's no difference between the infinitive and the gerund after 'remember'.
True False
Q8 - None of this would have happened if only I'd remembered ____ them beforehand.
to warn
Q9 - Do you remember her ____ there?
to be
Q10 - In formal English, we don't use the infinitive after 'remember'.
True False

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