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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - The media are also known as the fifth estate.
True False
Q2 - A fifth columnist is someone who tries to assist his or her country's enemies.
True False
Q3 - If a country threatens military action to get what they want, they are using dog-whistle politics.
True False
Q4 - When politicians are ____ the stump, they are campaigning for support and votes.
Q5 - A carpetbagger is a politician with very high ethical standards.
True False
Q6 - The media are also known as the fourth estate.
True False
Q7 - A casting vote is a vote by a chairman, president, etc, used when there are equal numbers of votes for and against a motion.
True False
Q8 - Wedge politics is using a controversial issue to try to divide and weaken a political party.
True False
Q9 - If someone is economical with the truth, they are lying.
True False
Q10 - If a country threatens military action to get what it wants, it is using gunboat diplomacy.
True False

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