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Life in the UK - I fail the Citizenship Test

By Tdol on Oct 31, 2005 | | 180 Comments

The new test for those wishing to become British citizens has been introduced. You buy a £9.99 book and take a £34 computer-based test, which seems a little steep for something with just 24 questions. However,you can take it as many times as necessary, so centres will be falling over themselves to accept your cash. The BBC has some unofficial questions based on their reading of the book. I managed a sterling 50% (you need 75% to pass). One of the ones I got right was a guess. I wasn't sure what I should do to be British- basically, whether I should obey the laws, participate in a culture or be a part of a European democracy. I guessed the first, assuming that's what the politicians behind this would want me to say and, sadly, was right.

You may have cold water spray

By Tdol on Oct 25, 2005 | | 0 Comments

The toilet in my hotel in Kyoto had the following warning:

When you sit on the seat the cold water automatically flow. Wait for the 'off' lamp to wash.
When you get on the seat 'standby' lamp starts flashing. If you press button upon seating you may have cold water spray.


By Tdol on Oct 9, 2005 | | 1 Comments

The idea that digital learning is changing the way people learn seems perfectly valid, but I find many of the claims being made about things like blogs excessive. On the Connectivism website, I saw this:

Until we look past the task and functionality of a tool - to what the tool enables - we largely miss the beauty of why it's so useful.

I can't help feeling that a true understanding of the functionality of the tool entails an understanding of its potential; otherwise, we wouldn't use it.

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