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Cast pearls before swine
If you cast pearls before swine, you offer something of value to someone who doesn't appreciate it- 'swine' are 'pigs'.
Cast sheep's eyes at
If you cast sheep's eyes at at someone, you look lovingly or with longing at them.
Cat among the pigeons
If something or someone puts, or sets or lets, the cat among the pigeons, they create a disturbance and cause trouble.
Cat and dog life
If people lead a cat and dog life, they are always arguing.
Cat and mouse
If people play cat and mouse, one side is trying to catch or trap the other, with evasions and near-misses.
Cat fur and kitty britches
(USA) When I used to ask my grandma what was for dinner, she would say 'cat fur and kitty britches'. This was her Ozark way of telling me that I would get what she cooked. (Ozark is a region in the center of the United States)
Cat got your tongue?
If someone asks if the cat has got your tongue, they want to know why you are not speaking when they think you should.
Cat nap
If you have a short sleep during the day, you are cat napping.
Cat's lick
(Scot) A cat's lick is a very quick wash.
Cat's pajamas
(USA) Something that is the cat's pajamas is excellent.
Cat's whiskers
Something excellent is the cat's whiskers.
Change horses in midstream
If people change horses in midstream, they change plans or leaders when they are in the middle of something, even though it may be very risky to do so.
Charley horse
(USA) A charley horse is a stiff leg or a cramp, especially in the leg.
If something is small or unimportant, especially money, it is chickenfeed.
Close the stable door after the horse has bolted
If people try to fix something after the problem has occurred, they are trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. 'Close the barn door after the horse has bolted' is alternative, often used in American English.
Cloud cuckoo land
If someone has ideas or plans that are completely unrealistic, they are living on cloud cuckoo land.
Cock and bull story
A cock and bull story is a lie someone tells that is completely unbelievable.
Cock in the henhouse
This is used to describe a male in an all-female environment.
Cock of the walk
A man who is excessively confident and thinks he's better than other people is the cock of the walk.
Cold fish
A cold fish is a person who doesn't show how they feel.
Cold turkey
If someone suddenly stops taking drugs, instead of slowly cutting down, they do cold turkey.
Come out of your shell
If someone comes out of their shell, they stop being shy and withdrawn and become more friendly and sociable.
Constitution of an ox
If someone has the constitution of an ox, they are less affected than most people by things like tiredness, illness, alcohol, etc.
Cook someone's goose
If you cook someone's goose, you ruin their plans.
Cool as a cat
To act fine when you a actually scared or nervous
Coon's age
(USA) A very long time, as in 'I haven't seen her in a coon's age!'
Could eat a horse
If you are very hungry, you could eat a horse.
Count sheep
If people cannot sleep, they are advised to count sheep mentally.
Creature comforts
If a person said "I hate camping. I don't like giving up my creature comforts." the person would be referring, in particular, to the comfortable things he/she would have at home but not when camping. At home, for example, he/she would have complete shelter from the weather, a television, a nice comfortable warm bed, the ability to take a warm bath or shower, comfortable lounge chairs to relax in and so on. The person doesn't like giving up the material and psychological benefits of his/her normal life.
(USA) If someone says that it's been crickets, they mean that there has been complete silence and no ommincation on an issue.
Crocodile tears
If someone cries crocodile tears, they pretend to be upset or affected by something.
Crooked as a dog's hind leg
Someone who is very dishonest is as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
Cry wolf
If someone cries wolf, they raise a false alarm about something.
Cuckoo in the nest
Is an issue or a problem, etc, is a cuckoo in the nest, it grows quickly and crowds out everything else.
Curiosity killed the cat
As cats are naturally curious animals, we use this expression to suggest to people that excessive curiosity is not necessarily a good thing, especially where it is not their business.
Cute as a bug
(USA) If something is as cute as a bug, it is sweet and endearing.
Dark horse
If someone is a dark horse, they are a bit of a mystery and we don't know how they will react or perform.
Dead as a dodo
If something's dead as a dodo, it is lifeless and dull. The dodo was a bird that lived the island of Mauritius. It couldn't fly and was hunted to extinction.
Dead cat bounce
In finance, if there is small, brief recovery in the price of a stock that has been going down, it is a dead cat bounce. It comes from the idea that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls far enough. It is noiw used for any case where something makes a short, slight recovery during a serious decline.
Dead duck
Someone or something is bound to fail or die is a dead duck.
Deer in the headlights
When one is caught offguard and needs to make a decision, but cannot react quickly.
A dinosaur is a person who is thought to be too old for their position.
Dirty dog
A dirty dog is an untrustworthy person.
Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
(USA) (US Southern) This is a response given to an unnecessary question for which the obvious answer is yes. Example: If you were to ask an Olympic archer whether she could put an arrow in an apple at ten yards, she could answer: "Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?"('Do one-legged ducks swim in circles?' is also used.)
Dog and pony show
(USA) A dog and pony show is a presentation or some marketing that has lots of style, but no real content.
Dog days
Dog days are very hot summer days.
Dog eat dog
In a dog eat dog world, there is intense competition and rivalry, where everybody thinks only of himself or herself.
Dog in the manger
(UK) If someone acts like a dog in the manger, they don't want other people to have or enjoy things that are useless to them.
Dog tired
If you are dog tired, you are exhausted.
Dog's dinner
Something that is a dog's dinner is a real mess.

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