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Blink of an eye
If something happens in the blink of an eye, it happens so fast it is almost impossible to notice it.
Blood and thunder
An emotional speech or performance is full of blood and thunder.
Blood from a turnip
It is impossible to get something from someone if they don't have it, just as you cannot get blood from a turnip.
Blood is thicker than water
This idiom means that family relationships are stronger than others.
Blood is up
If someone's blood is up, they are very angry about something.
Blood is worth bottling
(AU) If an Australian says to you "Your blood is worth bottling", he/she is complimenting or praising you for doing something or being someone very special.
Blood out of a stone
If something is like getting blood out of a stone, it is very difficult indeed.
Blood, sweat and tears
If something will take blood, sweat and tears, it will be very difficult and will require a lot of effort and sacrifice.
Blow your mind
Something that will blow your mind is something extraordinary that will amaze you beyond explanation.
Blue blood
Someone with blue blood is royalty.
Bone of contention
If there is an issue that always causes tension and arguments, it is a bone of contention.
Bone to pick
If you have a bone to pick with someone, you are annoyed about something they have done and want to tell them how you feel.
Born with a silver spoon in your mouth
If you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you are born into a rich family.
Brain drain
When organisations or countries can pay higher salaries to attract talented people from poorer countries, there's a brain drain, a loss of talent.
Brain surgery
If something is not brain surgery, it isn't very complicated or difficult to understand or master.
Brass neck
(UK) Someone who has the brass neck to do something has no sense of shame about what they do.
Break a leg
This idiom is a way of wishing someone good luck.
Break your heart
If someone upsets you greatly, they break your heart, especially if they end a relationship.
Breakneck speed
If something happens at breakneckspeed, it happens very quickly, often at dangerous speed.
Breathe down your neck
If someone follows you or examines what you're doing very closely, they are breathing down your neck.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
If someone's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, they are full of energy and enthusiasm.
Bring someone to heel
If you bring someone to heel, you make them obey you.('Call someone to heel' is also used.) 
Brown nose
When someone tries to make themselves popular with somebody, usually in a position of authority, especially by flattering them, they are brown nosing.
Bums on seats
The people who have paid to watch a performance are bums on seats.
Bundle of nerves
Someone who is a bundle of nerves is very worried or nervous.
Burn your fingers
If you burn your fingers, you suffer a loss or something unpleasant as the result of something you did, making you less likely to do it again.
Burr up the ass
(USA) If you have a burr up your ass, you are very upset about something that has happened and intend to do something about it to correct it.
Bury your head in the sand
If someone buries their head in the sand, they ignore something that is obviously wrong.
Bust my chops
When someone says that they're not going to bust their chops, it means they are not going to work that hard or make much effort.
Butt naked
If someone is butt naked, they have no clothes on at all, often when they can be seen.
Someone who has butterfingers is clumsy and drops things.
Button your lip
If you button your lip, you keep quiet and don't speak. It is also used as a way of telling someone to shut up.
By a hair's breadth
If a person escapes from some danger by a hair's breadth, they only just managed to avoid it. The breadth is the thickness of a hair, so they probably feel somewhat lucky because the margin between success and what could easily have been failure was so close.
By heart
If you learn something by heart, you learn it word for word.
By the skin of your teeth
If you do something by the skin of your teeth, you only just manage to do it and come very near indeed to failing.
By word of mouth
If something becomes known by word of mouth, it gets known by being talked about rather than through publicity or advertising, etc.
Can't see your hand in front of your face
If you can't see your hand in front of your face, visibility is very poor due to something like bad fog.
Cast iron stomach
A person with a cast iron stomach can eat or drink anything without any ill effects.
Cast your eye over
If you cast your eye over something, you look at it or check it quickly, without looking carefully at the details.
Change of heart
If you change the way you think or feel about something, you have a change of heart.
Chaps my ass
When something/someone really annoys you, it chaps your ass.
Chase your tail
If you are chasing your tail, you are very busy but not being very productive.
Cheek by jowl
If things or people are cheek by jowl, they are very close together.
Chew on a bone
If someone is chewing on a bone, he or she is thinking about something intently.
Chip on your shoulder
If someone has a chip on their shoulder, they are resentful about something and feel that they have been treated badly.
Chomping at the bit
If you are chomping at the bit, you are eager to start on a task immediately.
Clean hands
Someone with clean hands, or who keeps their hands clean, is not involved in illegal or immoral activities.
Close at hand
If something is close at hand, it is nearby or conveniently located.
Close lipped
A person who is reluctant to talk about a specific subject is close lipped.
Close shave
If you have a close shave, you very nearly have a serious accident or get into trouble.

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