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Keep your head
If you keep your head, you stay calm in times of difficulty.
Keep your head above water
If you are just managing to survive financially, you are keeping your head above water.
Keep your nose clean
If someone is trying to keep their Nose Clean, they are trying to stay out of trouble by not getting involved in any sort of wrong-doing.
Keep your nose to the grindstone
If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you work hard and seriously.
Kick in the teeth
Bad news or a sudden disappointment are a kick in the teeth.
Knee-jerk reaction
A knee-jerk reaction is an instant, instinctive response to a situation.
Knit your brows
If you knit your brows, you frown or look worried.
Knock something on the head
If you knock something on the head, you stop it or stop doing it.
Lead with the chin
If someone leads with their chin, they speak or behave without fear of the consequences.
Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
If the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, then communication within a company, organisation, group, etc, is so bad that people don't know what the others are doing.
Left-handed compliment
A left-handed compliment is one that sounds like praise but has an insulting meaning. ('Backhanded compliment' is an alternative form.)
Lend an ear
If you lend an ear, you listen to what someone has to say. ('Lend your ear' is an alternative form.)
Let your hair down
If someone lets their hair down, they relax and stop feeling inhibited or shy.
Light on your feet
If someone is light on their feet, they can move quickly and are agile.
Like pulling teeth
If something if like pulling teeth, it is very difficult, especially if trying to extract information or to get a straight answer from someone.
Like the back of your hand
If you know something like the back of your hand, you know it very well indeed.
Someone who is lily-livered is a coward.
Lip service
When people pay lip service to something, they express their respect, but they don't act on their words, so the respect is hollow and empty.
Little pitchers have big ears
(USA) This means that children hear more and understand the world around them better than many adults realize.
Long face
Someone with a long face is sad or depressed about something.
Long in the tooth
If someone is long in the tooth, they are a bit too old to do something.
Loose lips sink ships
To have loose lips means to have a big mouth, susceptible to talking about everything and everyone. Sinking ships refers to anything from small acquaintances to long and hearty relationships (with friends or a significant other). So when one says loose lips sink ships, one is basically saying if you can't shut up you are going to end hurting people, usually psychologically or emotionally.Loose lips sink ships comes from World War I and/or WWII, when sailors on leave from their ships might talk about what ship they sailed on or where it had come from, or where it was going. If they talked too much (had 'loose lips') they might accidentally provide the enemy with anecdotal information that might later cause their ship to be tracked, and bombed and sunk, hence 'Loose lips sink ships.' Later, it came to mean any excessive talk might sabotage a project.
Lose face
To lose one's reputation or standing is to lose face
Lose heart
If you lose heart, you stop believing that you can succeed in something, or lose your confidence, courage or conviction.
Lose your head
If you lose your head, you cannot control your emotions and actions.
Make a better fist
If someone makes a better fist of doing something, they do a better job.
Make a clean breast
If someone makes a clean breast, they confess in full to something they have done.
Make a good fist
(UK) If you make a good fist of something, you do it well.
Make a pig's ear
If you make a pig's ear of something, you make a mess of it.
Make a rod for your own back
If you make a rod for your own back, you make something difficult for yourself.
Make no bones about it
If somebody make no bones about a scandal in their past, they are open and honest about it and show no shame or embarrassment.
Make you spit
If something makes you spit, it irritates you or makes you angry.
Make your blood boil
If something makes your blood boil, it makes you very angry.
Make your flesh crawl
If something makes your flesh crawl, it really scares or revolts you. ('Make your flesh creep' is an alternative. 'Make your skin crawl' is also used.)
Make your hair stand on end
If something makes your hair stand on end, it terrifies you.
Make your toes curl
If something makes your toes curl, it makes you feel very uncomfortable, shocked or embarrassed.
Many a slip twixt cup and lip
There's many a slip twixt cup and lip means that many things can go wrong before something is achieved.
Many hands make light work
This idiom means that when everyone gets involved in something, the work gets done quickly.
A mealy-mouthed person doesn't say what they mean clearly.
Melt your heart
If something melts your heart, it affects you emotionally and you cannot control the feeling.
Millstone round your neck
A millstone around your neck is a problem that prevents you from doing what you want to do.
Mind over matter
This idiom is used when someone uses their willpower to rise above adversity.
Misery guts
A misery guts is a person who's always unhappy and tries to make others feel negative.
More than meets the eye
If there is more than meets the eye to something, it is more complex or difficult than it appears.
Mud in your eye
This is a way of saying 'cheers' when you are about to drink something, normally alcohol.
My eye
This idiom is added to an adjective to show that you disagree with it: 'He's shy.' 'Shy my eye- he's just planning something secret.'
My foot!
This idiom is used to show that you do not believe what someone has just said.
My hands are full
If your hands are full, you have so much to do that you cannot take on any more work, responsibilities and so on.
My hands are tied
If your hands are tied, you are unable to act for some reason.
My heart bleeds
If your heart bleeds for someone, you feel genuine sympathy and sadness for them.

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