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Shipshape and Bristol fashion
If things are shipshape and Bristol fashion, they are in perfect working order.
Shoe is on the other foot
If the shoe is on the other foot, someone is experiencing what they used to make others experience, normally negative things.
If you do something on a shoestring, you try to spend the absolute minimum amount of money possible on it.
Shoot down in flames
If someone demolishes your argument, it (and you) have been shot down in flames.
Shoot from the hip
Someone who shoots from the hip talks very directly or insensitively without thinking beforehand.
Shoot the breeze
When you shoot the breeze, you chat in a relaxed way.
Shoot your wad
When you have shot your wad, you have expended everything and have no more to say or do about a matter.
Shoot yourself in the foot
If you shoot yourself in the foot, you do something that damages your ambition, career, etc.
Shooting fish in a barrel
If something is like shooting fish in a barrel, it is so easy that success is almost guaranteed. Example: "For my first exam I was really nervous and worried that it would be too difficult for me, but it was actually as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!"
Shop floor
'Shop floor' refers to the part of an organisation where the work is actually performed rather than just managed.
Short end of the stick
If someone gets the short end of the stick, they are unfairly treated or don't get what they deserve.
Short horse soon curried
A convenient and superficial explanation that is normally unconvincing is a short horse soon curried.
Short shrift
If somebody gives you short shrift, they treat you rudely and brusquely, showing no interest or sympathy.
If you are short-changed, someone cheats you of money or doesn't give you full value for something.
Shot across the bow
A shot across the bow is a warning to tell someone to stop doing something or face very serious consequences.
Shot in the arm
If something gives you a shot in the arm, it encourages you, gives you energy or improves morale.
Shot in the dark
If you have a shot in the dark at something, you try something where you have little hope of success.
Shotgun marriage
A shotgun marriage, or shotgun wedding, is one that is forced because of pregnancy. It is also used idiomatically for a compromise, agreement or arrangement that is forced upon groups or people by necessity.
Show me the money
When people say this, they either want to know how much they will be paid for something or want to see evidence that something is valuable or worth paying for.
Show someone a clean pair of heels
If you show someone a clean pair of heels, you run faster than them when they are chasing you.
Show someone the door
If you show someone the door, you ask them to leave.
Show someone the ropes
If you show someone the ropes, you explain to someone new how things work and how to do a job.
Show your true colors
To show your true colors is to reveal yourself as you really are.
Shrinking violet
A shrinking violet is a shy person who doesn't express their views and opinions.
Shy bairns get nowt
(UK) An idiom primarily used by those from the North East of England, used to emphasize the fact that children who fail to ask for something (usually from an older person) probably won't succeed in obtaining it. (bairn = child, nowt = nothing)
Sick and tired
If you are sick and tired of something, it has been going on for a long time and you can no longer tolerate it.
Sick as a dog
If somebody's as sick as a dog, they throw up (=vomit) violently.
Sick as a parrot
If someone's sick as a parrot about something, they are unhappy, disappointed or depressed about it.
Sick to death
If you are sick to death of something, you have been exposed to so much of it that you cannot take any more.
Sight for sore eyes
Someone or something that is a sight for sore eyes is a pleasure to see.
Sight to behold
If something is a sight to behold, it means that seeing it is in some way special, either spectacularly beautiful or, equally, incredibly ugly or revolting, etc.
Signed, sealed and delivered
If something's signed, sealed and delivered, it has been done correctly, following all the necessary procedures.
Silence is golden
It is often better to say nothing than to talk, so silence is golden.
Silly goose
Calling someone a silly goose means you think that they need to stop being nervous or childish and get the job done.
Silly season
The silly season is midsummer when Parliament is closed and nothing much is happening that is newsworthy, which reduces the press to reporting trivial and stupid stories.
Silver bullet
A silver bullet is a complete solution to a large problem, a solution that seems magical.
Silver screen
The silver screen is the cinema.
Silver surfer
A silver surfer is an elderly person who uses the internet.
Since time immemorial
If something has happened since time immemorial, it's been going on for such a long time that nobody can remember a time without it.
Sing for your supper
If you have to sing for your supper, you have to work to get the pay or reward you need or want.
Sing from the same hymn sheet
If people are singing from the same hymn sheet, they are expressing the same opinions in public.
Sing like a canary
If someone sings like a canary, they tell everything they know about a crime or wrongdoing to the police or authorities.
Sing the blues
If you're singing the blues, you're complaining or lamenting something.
Sink or swim
If you are left to sink or swim, no one gives you any help and it's up to you whether you fail or succeed.
Sit on the fence
If someone sits on the fence, they try not to support either side in a dispute.
Sit pretty
Someone who's sitting pretty is in a very advantageous situation.
Sit well with
If something doesn't sit well with you, it doesn't please you or is not acceptable to you.
Sitting duck
A sitting duck is something or someone that is easy to criticise or target.
Six feet under
If someone is six feet under, they are dead.
Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other
This is an idiom used when there is little or no difference between two options.

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