Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities

Presentations are perhaps unique in how stressful they are and how important a good performance can be, but also for how much students can improve with the right kind of preparation. The right mix of advice, useful language, help with planning, practice, and feedback should allow everyone to fully communicate their ideas and achieve their goals. The correct approach will also teach skills that they can use in presentations in other languages, give important insights into cultural differences, massively improve their use of voice and body, and help them memorise language that they can then use in other kinds of communication.

It’s not difficult to find advice and materials on developing presentation skills, but only Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities provides over 300 pages of tried and tested communicative classroom materials for every step of preparing, practising and giving presentations, including:

  • Over 60 pages on planning presentations (brainstorming, setting and achieving aims, tailoring content to the audience, organising the presentation, preparing for questions, etc)
  • Over 80 pages on starting presentations (getting people’s attention and getting started, making a personal connection, introducing yourself, hooking the audience, etc)
  • Explaining visuals
  • Moving smoothly through the presentation
  • Effective use of the body and voice (tone, stress, gestures, eye contact, movement, etc)
  • 50 pages on asking and dealing with questions (clarifying what they want to know, filling silence, politely not answering, etc)
  • 60 more pages on smoothly ending presentations (summarising, thanking at the end, handing over to other people, etc)
  • Cultural differences and other presentation tips
  • Typical problems with presentations (planning badly, cultural differences, confusing words and expressions, formality problems, common language mistakes, etc)
  • Lots of useful vocabulary related to presentations

To keep students interested and motivated whilst providing lots of advice and intensive practice, Teaching Presentation Skills includes stimulating activities such as:

  • -warmers
  • -card games
  • -drawing games
  • -fast reaction games/ races
  • -guessing games
  • -jigsaw activities
  • -memory games
  • -miming games/ TPR
  • -spotting and making bad examples
  • -discussion questions
  • -brainstorming activities
  • -roleplays

Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities can be used as a whole stand-alone presentation skills course, to add more communication to other presentations courses, or just for single lessons. Its materials have been designed for and thoroughly tested with general English, academic and business classes at all levels from Elementary to Advanced/ Proficiency.

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