Printable Handout: Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives

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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - I regret having invited them in the first place
The speaker was not regretful when she invited them, but is now
The speaker had to invite them and regretted it at the time
Q2 - I like skiing
The speaker is interested in trying the sport
The speaker has already been skiing
Q3 - Just imagine being stuck in a tiny office with Tom all day
The speaker probably likes Tom
The speaker probably doesn't like Tom
Q4 - I'd love to meet her
The speaker enjoyed meeting her
The speaker hasn't met her
Q5 - I'm sorry for letting you down, Steve
The speaker won't be able to keep an appointment
The speaker wasn't able to keep an appointment
Q6 - I'm interested in finding out more about it
The speaker has already started looking for information
The speaker is probably going to start looking for information
Q7 - I tried writing to my local MP, but it was a waste of time
The speaker didn't finish the letter
The speaker sent the letter
Q8 - I was interested to hear the news about Chris
The speaker heard the news
The speaker wanted to hear the news but didn't
Q9 - I regret to say that the wedding has been called off
The speaker is breaking some bad news
The bad news was already known to the listener
Q10 - A lot of people have stopped buying petrol at that garage
The garage has lots of customers at the moment
The garage doesn't have many customers any more
Q11 - I'm thinking of having a fortnight off
I've not made my mind up yet
I've already made up my mind
Q12 - She's stopped to have a cigarette
She doesn't smoke any longer
She smokes
Q13 - I saw her take it
It probably took her a long time
It probably didn't take her very long
Q14 - I heard them talking about it
The speaker probably didn't hear everything
The speaker probably heard everything
Q15 - She tried to contact him on his mobile
She didn't manage to speak to him
She managed to speak to him
Q16 - I remember telling her
The speaker told her
The speaker is going to tell her
Q17 - I tried speaking to her face-to-face to see if that would work
The speaker spoke to her
The speaker was unable to speak to her
Q18 - I forgot to send it
The speaker cannot remember whether they sent it or not
The speaker knows they didn't send it

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