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A Child's Wish

Americaís Most difficult seven (7) Vowel sounds. The Controlling Rís. Learn in ten minutes with the help of a RULING R BEAR cartoon. Itís fun, and will help you to read the dictionaryís phonetic code.

American accent English pronunciation guide

Improve your American English speaking with our English pronunciation guide. Download now

American English Pronunciation Software

Pronunciation Patterns offers 100 tips and patterns to help English learners recall over 4000 words. If you have trouble remembering those phonetic symbols or the sounds of words, you should try Pronunciation Patterns.

British Accent Training Podcast

A podcast going through the 1,000 most common words in English to work out how to pronounce them.

English Pronunciation

International Education at Okanagan University College is dedicated to English language training to all foreign and domestic students who wish to improve their English. The pronunciation modules contained herewithin are also available on CD-ROM.


Englishniche offers theoretical and practical resources for native or very fluent non-native English speakers aspiring to be English language teachers. We offer ESL Lesson Plans for teachers and those with little background or confidence in teaching American pronunciation or Grammar. We also offer advice to English language students and teachers alike on all aspects of grammar and pronunciation.

ESL Pronunciation Work Page

With these links you can listen to native speakers, some with different American accents and dialects

Fluency MC

Fluency MC is Jason R Levine, a teacher trainer, knowledge ambassador and famous for teaching English via collocations, rap and music.

How to Improve Spoken English Blog

Games, animations, links and advice to help you improve your spoken English for free.

Link Test English Pronunciation Website Science Words

This is an English pronunciation training / testing website for Galileo Galilei vocabulary. Students can hear a sample word or phrase of native English speech and then check their own pronunciation. If their pronunciation is at or near native English level, students get a point and a new phrase or word.

Overcome fear of public speaking

How to overcome fear of public speaking - tips and resources to plan, write, rehearse and deliver a successful speech. Speech templates.


Phrasebase Language Learning Resources- Your Conversational Language Learning Resource Center and Community

Public Speaking expert

It's not always easy to speak in public or prepare speeches for special occasions. We give you tips to help you overcome your fears and become an excellent public speaker.

Speaking & Pronunciation Resources for Teachers

Speaking resources for English language teachers.

Talk English Now

Practice English conversation with a virtual partner. Take part in either side of a conversation.

Teentok English

Teentok is a library of short video lessons staging every day situations, for the purpose of learning to actually speak English.

The Distinctive Vowel Sounds of British and American English

Listen to the different vowel sounds in American and British English.


Learn how to pronounce English sounds using video podcasts on your computer, iPod or PSP.

Working Voices

Presentation training, public speaking courses and voice coaching by a specialist interpersonal communication consultancy, London UK