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The Word Frequency Tool also displays a Word Frequency List underneath the box with the general information. The list contains an alphabetical list of each word used in the text, together with the number of occurences and how many syllables it contains:

120MEN 1 (0.03%) 1
A 63 (2.06%) 1
ABLE 2 (0.07%) 2
ABOUND 1 (0.03%) 2
ABOUT 2 (0.07%) 2
ABOVE 1 (0.03%) 2
ABREAST 1 (0.03%) 2
ABSORB 1 (0.03%) 2
ABSURDITY 1 (0.03%) 4
ACCEPTED 1 (0.03%) 3

This is the top of the list generated by the academic essay I used in the first part. Curiously, the first item is a mistake, but one which would not be detected by many spellchecks, as a lot are set not to mark words with numbers; there should be a space between them. An interesting, if unintended, result.

The list also shows the frequency of each word and the number of syllables. A word of caution about the syllable count: some words, like interesting, can be pronounced in more than one way, in this case as three or four syllables. The calculation will give the higher number as it is based on the spelling.

The list can be sorted by frequency, but selecting the option from the drop-down box above the list and pressing the Recalculate button:

THE 234 (7.65%) 1
OF 127 (4.15%) 1
AND 125 (4.09%) 1
TO 71 (2.32%) 1
A 63 (2.06%) 1
IN 54 (1.77%) 1
WALL 51 (1.67%) 1
WERE 38 (1.24%) 1
WAS 32 (1.05%) 1
AS 28 (0.92%) 1
GREAT 22 (0.72%) 1

Now the list is domiated by grammatical words, which are the most repeated. The two items that stand out, great and wall, are there because the essay is about the Great Wall of China.

If you reverse the list, it will display the least common words.

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