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I came across this in my newspaper yesterday: "It had an, albeit marginal, effect." The word order struck me as rather strange; I'd have put 'albeit marginal' after the noun. Placing it before doesn't seem to work in my opinion, but I'm not 100% sure, so I've put a poll up to see what others think.

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i dont know what tis is all about but you suck. Albiet Marginal was the name of a CTR (now IBM) subsidiary in Germany before the Great War. Oh, wait, I got one, lick my ball sack buddy.

I'm not sure that exactly fits the context. ;-)

"It had an, albeit marginal, effect."
yes, that is horribly wrong.
"It had an effect, albeit marginal"
This sounds better, but I believe It is also incorrect.
I would go with this:
"Albeit marginal, It had an effect"

I'd say that it works in initial position, too.

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