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The list of the most valuable words for Google Adsense makes for interesting reading. The list is full of obvious terms, money dominates the top part, ahead of sex, with a smattering of diet pill terms. However, the top ten is full of terms related to cancer caused by contact with asbestos (mesothelioma). Clearly, as the lawsuits relating to mesothelioma lung cancer move forward, the internet vultures are circling, so the most valuable word in the English language, indeed the most valuable word in the world at the moment is 'mesothelioma', the main disease, closely followed by 'mesothelioma attorneys' or 'mesothelioma lawyers'. I could have predicted much of the content of the list, but I would never have guessed this.

Interestingly, the highest rated sex phrase is 'sex toy', number 252, followed by 'sex cam'. In national terms, 'Arab sex' is the highest, possibly influenced by current affairs, at number 436, but the sexiest people in the world must be the Japanese, who come in at 499 with 'Japan sex' and at 654 with 'Japanese sex', both well ahead of 'Asian sex' at 673, though 'world sex', whatever that is, clocks in at 596. Lesbian sex, 570, is worth more than gay sex, 574, though males are likely to make up the majority of visitors to both areas.

Religion is another interesting area; 'God' comes in at 1018, just behind 'free sex gallery', but two places ahead of 'Christianity'. For those worried about the commercialisation of Christmas, there is much to fear; 'Christmas cards' wins at 312, followed by 'Christmas gift' at 531, the plural at 562, 'Christmas presents' at 569, the singular at 622, 'Christmas music' at 643, 'Christmas' at 709, all ahead of 'Christian' at 726 and nothing for 'Christ'. 'Jesus' doesn't get a look in, but 'church' gets in at 877. Other religions are not on the list, except 'Jew', which is very highly ranked at 29, with 'Torah' at 578 and 'Jewish' at 581.

The list is subject to change, but it appears that we are short of money, interested in sex and looking for free music above all else, apart from the lawyers looking to clean up in asbestos related cases.

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Interesting information here especially since I have a mesothelioma blog. I think that the value of the keyword is horribly overstated.

If I remember, people were bidding up to eighty dollars for a single click when I saw the list. There are, according to the site 38 terms that are bidding over fifty dollars a click, but I don't know if it's still one of them as I'm not a subscriber. I imagine that prices come down as a term becomes well-known. Also, I have no idea how much of that gets passed on to the site displaying the advert. However, I would never have guessed which word was the most valuable.

Do you pay for living? No one really does. So, why are people in our civilisation so crazy? What about health? People who live healthly have a better chance to conquer any kind of cancer: Fruits and sun light, water and the use of muscles really help. That is much cheaper than than alcohool, drugs and pills.

mesothelioma is a very expensive keyword with the payout being in the high double digits.

Very expensive as asbestos lawyers and such want clients

Leon Reinhart

Nice blog. I will keep reading. I have several blogs about mesothelioma. You might find some useful info on it

Mesothelioma Website

I have a originally written copyscape passed content website According to Google AdSense reports it did not get a single click during its three months online. I do not expect its clicks as high paid.

Mesothelioma Lawyers

Yes mesothelioma lawyers is a very lucrative phrase. Google adwords bids have been as high as $53.00. According to Wordtracker "Gambar Pemerkosaan" is also a highly searched word. It means "rape pictures" in Indonesian. Don't ask me why

Does having mesothelioma necessarily mean that someone will die from it if not treated? I mean there are some forms of cancer that you can live to be in your 90's having the cancer for years and years and die of some other natural cause first.

It does seem to be a lucrative phrase but I'm not sure the click through rate is very good. Although, with the high bide rates, I guess you wouldn't need too many clicks. Campaign saturation is another important factor.

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