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We have recently had a spate of comments in our Polls section which contain lists of URLs to gambling sites, offers for herbal viagra, dodgy diet pills and the rest of the rubbish people keep finding in their inboxes. We would like to apologise for this. When this started happening to our Weblogs, we were able to buy software that meant that any comment had to be approved, which guaranteed that such posts were deleted before they appeared onsite.

We have tried to remove them and have also disallowed any comments that contain URLs from the Polls section. Unfortunately, this means that comments that contain links to legitimate sites will be disallowed, but it will stop comments containing dozens of links to gambling and worse sites from appearing there. If anyone should happen to see a comment containing any such links, we would be most grateful if you could let us know as we would like to delete them for once and all. It's sad that no one can post URLs in this section any more, but it is the only way we can stop the flood of links to such sites.

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