I read my first Japanese word

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I have been in Japan for a few days. While I was in Cambodia, I remained completely illiterate, but in Japan I have managed to read a word. In Cambodia, there was a lot more English used in signs, so I managed to get by without bothering about the script. Here, there is quite a lot of English used, but to a lesser extent.

I was in a department store yesterday and wanted to pay for something. There was a row of tills with an entrance and an exit and I knew which was which because the place to queue to pay had the same character, 'iri', as the power button on my washing machine. It was my first experience of reading something outside the Roman alphabet by myself and I felt very pleased as I approached the tills the correct way.

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Always wanted to learn to read Japanese. Would love to visit the country as well , especially the old more traditional areas.

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