Please put the card upside this face

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I went with a friend to one of Tokyo's many beautiful parks at the weekend. We bought our tickets, which carry a magnetic date and can be endlessly recycled. To help me insert the card in the reader, they had helpfully translated the instructions for me:

Please put in the card upside this face as a pointing sign.

Fortunately for English speakers, the card also had a large arrow, presumably the pointing sign, on the card, so I was able to insert it the correct way up and in the correct direction. Given that the cards are recycled, you couldn't help wondering whether it might have been worth their while getting a native speaker to check their text. I can see the difficulties of stating both the side and the direction for insertion, but it wouldn't have cost much to get a better instruction, not that they needed one with the pointing sign doing the work for them. Still, it was a particularly beautiful park and worth the confusion of the instructions.

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My sister and ME? went there. I got this wrong on the test because I said My sister and I went there. My sister went there. I went there. NOT ME went there. Right?

I went there. (correct)
My sister and I went there. (correct)
My sister and me went there. (incorrect, but often heard)

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