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I saw a job advert today for a teaching post in Spain that was quite possibly the worst job I have ever seen advertised in ESL:

Are you interested in teaching English in Spain? We need one person who can be here by ASAP (latest January 21st). The job is in Castellon.

It is preferable to have spanish language skills. The job consists of teaching private English lessons in peoples houses. You would be responsible for arriving to each class by bus, train, bike, or walking each day. Classes are typically given during the evenings and one or two on Saturday mornings for a total of 15-20 hours a week.

Pay is 6euro an hour, with a 50hour bond to be worked at the beginning (300euro is paid at the end of 6month contract). Housing IS included in a small pueblo near Castellon. Seven hours a week are deducted from pay to cover all housing costs. Minimum weekly pay is 60euro, average about 90euro. Spanish classes are also included.

Please respond only if available to come before January 21st, 2006.

The average salary they offer works out at considerably less than the 490 euros per 14-month year that is said to be the current minimum salary for Spain. They are offering much less than you could get in most burger bars, with a generous offer of housing included, though they then say is included at a price for a peublo outside the place of work, presumably bumping up travel costs that are to be met from what they laughably term pay. Are these people seriously looking for someone who has graduated and then qualified in teaching to work for an average of 90 euros a week (minus 42 euros for accommodation)? ESL is a poorly paid profession, but this is beyond the pale- they are offering less than the local minimum salary and hoping, presumably, for a qualified professional stupid enough to work for their rates. I aso like their '50-hour bond', which means they keep your money for six months. I can't help hoping that these awful people go bankrupt.

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