Low Threshold Applications

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A Low Treshold Application (LTA) is defined as a teaching/learning application of information technology that is reliable, accessible, easy to learn, non-intimidating and (incrementally) inexpensive. There is a lot in it that I like; I like the idea of incorporating existing technologies that are already well-established and avaialble, which might already be used by both teachers and learners.

I have worked in places that have invested heavily in juicy technology and then watched in despair as it was ignored by many teachers. LTAs might be a way to improve take-up by using technologies that people already know and adding to them in small steps. I have sat through training sessions that were doing little more than begging for participation in what was turning into a white elephant. The ideas behind LTAs are much better thought out, as the approach breaks things down into chunks that are easily assimilated and don't require a great investment of time or a particularly high level of IT skills.

I already use many of the ideas being recommended, such as recording feedback and using messenger programs, and there are sites with many good ideas that are easy to implement. The name may seem negative and associated with low expectations, but I think the aims are high and good and hope that this drive for using technology in education will not fizzle out.

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Shame about the name- it sounds undemanding and has a negative connotation

how I will get the benefits about political terminology and texts in my exams in Damascus university - department translation

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