Pirate Pirates

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We have a TV channel here that seems to specialise in playing DVDs on air; you can see the DVD screens with options before and after a film. The other day they had Pirates of the Caribbean 2 on, which I watched as I had heard so much about it. They show the English language version along with English subtitles, which I presume is to give as much help as possible to their viewers as there isn't a Khmer language subtitle option. However, the subtitles for this film were so full of errors and weird English that I can only hope it was a pirate DVD.

If this is the standard of such DVD translations, then they are unlikely to become a major source of language learning and are more likely to be a source of problems, confusion and difficulties. They might be a rich source of accidental idioms, though. If it was a legitimate copy, then it would be much more worrying. Here are a few examples:

Text Subtitle
Bonnie lass Bony ass
Commandeer that ship Come and dear that ship
Scallywag Scally way
Give up his ship to you Give as shit to you

Still, it was a very good film.

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