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Copyright issues crop up regularly on the forum, and we try to deal with them whenever we see them.

Firstly, links to sites where people can download copies of copyright texts will be deleted, as will posts that imply that people are willing to exchange such files.

When external sources are used, please give references and links, and just quote the relevant part, which is fair use- reproducing whole texts is republication and may well constitute copyright abuse.

Copyright laws may not be strongly enforced in many countries, but they are in the UK where the site is based and we are subject to those laws.  Any breaches of them could endanger the site and go against the spirit of what we are trying to do.

The basic principles are simple: if you use someone else's words or ideas, credit them and do not reproduce more than necessary to make a point- give a link or reference that people can follow up.  If you didn't say it or think it, then it is simply common courtesy to acknowledge that.

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Hello Mr.Richard Flynn, Co-host&editor

I am Svaby Lajosne officially but I use my Christian name: Kati Svaby.I am a retired teacher, I have turned 69. I am a grandma and two of my grandchildren live in the U.S who don't speak Hungarian. So I have to learn English. I found your website which is one of the best ones and I passed several hours with registration - without success.
I received 39 passwords from you but when I wrote it , immediately was written that the username or the password isn't good. Now for the first time they wrote me that my username could be 4 letters.
I tried but this wasn't a solution either.
The last password what I received was:5jtyUEvZ
My computer is examined every day by McAfee.
The number of my order at McAfee:CS782044153

I can' write more only my request to help me with my registration.
Thanks for advance.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby

Best regard:
Kati Svaby

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