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Every week we get at least one Custom Essay Site submitted for  inclusion in our links database, and often several.  Many will make no money, but the fact that they keep starting means that there is money to be made out of them.  A few years ago, we used to get search sites for universities submitted all the time, but they dried up, while people wanting to break into the custom essay market keep piling in.

While the bespoke essays that are meant to be used as samples and not to be submitted may be of a reasonable standard, the samples offered to encourage people are generally pitiful.  I was pleased to see that Oxbridge Essays have a page dedicated to credit card fraud, which they have a zero tolerance of, ironically entitled essay fraud.

Every year, when exam results come out with a bumper increase, people talk of grade inflation, followed by complaints that this demeans the efforts of young people studying hard to do well, which is true.  However, the existence of so many sites dedicated to helping people cheat, or giving them sample essays as a comparison as the site owners would have it, undermines this defence.  Cheating is rife; if it weren't, these sites would be shutting down left right and centre, and not opening all the time.  Sadly, the dedicated students are being hit by both the charge of grade inflation and the cheating epidemic. 

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"Cheating epidemic" always existed, today students just have more means to cheat. I recommend reading this article - that explains how these businesses work, what is the quality of papers they deliver(very low) and why they are on the rise.

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