Forum Policies- Multiple Accounts & Sock-Puppets

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Multiple accounts and sock-puppets, accounts created by a poster to agree and to try to make their views look more accepted, are annoying.  Please don't create multiple accounts-  there's no need, and where we find multiple accounts, we will block access to the clones and may also ban the main account if it continues after being asked to desist.

They undermine trust and are unwelcome.  Making fake accounts is not building a consensus- anyone can open five email accounts and there are many better ways of proving a point.

Also, when people are banned, the ban applies to  the person, so any further accounts they make will be closed.  It may take a while to spot them, but when they surface, they will be banned.  Apart from spammers, who get banned on appearance, we don't ban people quickly or without good cause, but when we do, we will reapply that ban every time we see the same person appear in a new guise.

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