Giving Cheating a Bad Name

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According to the China Daily, some sudents from China are getting IELTS ghostwriters to take the IELTS test for them, as IELTS in Hong Kong is run separately and they can circumvent the lifetime ban back home if they are caught cheating.  It's a growing business with a lot of people willing to  pay someone to take the exam for them.

The part that I liked was the complaint by Xianfeng Daikao, one the the agencies who provide this service, that  there were fraudulent companies and sites who offered to cheat for people then disappeared with the cash, who were damaging the credibility of the industry. Like cheat sites doing people's coursework, it's a grubby industry, and they cheat people into courses they're often not capable of understanding properly, so the injection of some out-and-out crooks can't do much harm.

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