DELTA or Master's Degree?

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When I looked at which basic ELT qualifications employers were looking for, someone suggested doing the same for more senior positions.  I decided to separate managerial roles from university positions, and here I have just looked at managerial positions, starting from Assistant Director of Studies (ADOS) and moving up.

41 (about 76%) of the jobs specified it as an essential qualification, and 9 (about 17%) wanted either the DELTA or a Master's degree, but only 4 (about 7%) only specified an MA.  Therefore, it seems that if you want to move into ESL management, the DELTA may be the qualification to go for at the moment.

I looked at jobs advertised on  The sample size (54) was smaller than in the entry level survey because there are fewer positions, but they did cover positions around the world.

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I agree with you that if someone want to move to esl management should take DELTA qualification.

I was surprised at the dominance of the DELTA- it has really made a comeback.

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