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On an average day, we have to ban at least half a dozen spam accounts, and these are the ones that get through the security- hundreds fail to get this far.  Spammers use programs to auto-register with sites and often fill their profiles with ridiculous details.

You may think it's amusing to say that you are a Bulgarian living in Japan whose first language is Chinese, but it isn't and it makes you look like a spammer.  If you have a genuine need to conceal where you come from, please let us know and we will happily accommodate you.  Dodgy profiles flag up security alerts and people tend to be suspicious of them, so fewer people will answer.

Forum spam is a huge problem- like many moderators, I often spend half an hour getting rid of it before I can get down to posting.  I happily ban spammers before they have even finished registering, so making yourself look like one is not a good idea.  Please try to fill your profile out like a human- if you fill it out like a spambot, you may get treated like one.  Behave like a person and you're more likely to be treated as one.

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James Potter


I tried contacting you through the link from "Staff & Contributors," but it said that I lacked the requisite permissions to use that page. I then stumbled across the "Contact Us" link, and sent a message through that. However, I wasn't sure if you see the messages sent from your "Contact Us" page. In my message I requested your permission to use the definitions of the idioms you list on your site. The definitions would be used in a word game app. The definitions would be informational, a reference for the game, not part of the actual game. I would add an attribution link to your site on the top of the definitions list. The link would be live and carry the players to your site if they click on it. Please respond to the email I listed with this comment to let me know your answer.

James Potter

Thanks- I have been away for a few days in the Cambodian jungle and didn't have internet access. I will check my email and reply.

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