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A number of posts have been deleted in the last few days because they are cloned accounts of a banned user.  We're slow to ban members of the forum, but once we ban someone, the ban stays in place and any subsequent accounts that person makes will also be banned.  We have two particularly persistent cases that keep coming back.  They are different from regular trolls, who come back in hidden guises to try to start trouble.

At the moment, both of them are going through a phase of making accounts.  One of them posts sensible questions- if they are answered before we spot them, we leave the posts.  If we find them first, we delete them.  This person was banned for publishing graphic pornography and virulently xenophobic posts expressing wishes to see people from one particular country die.

The second keeps coming back and making false claims about why they were banned.  Now they're claiming that we are against people of their nationality, something false enough to ensure that they will never gain any sympathy from me, and that no reasons were ever given, even though several warnings and a number of emails were sent.

It may seem strange that we ban someone for asking what appears a normal question, and we only do it when we know that they have been banned.  If we're not sure, we give them the benefit of the doubt, but the second we know, we close the account.  We try to avoid banning where possible and don't like doing it, but once we have done it, we will maintain the ban.

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Hi dear Tdol
I have just come across this article regarding the banned users.I can just say THANK YOU indeed. I'm so thrilled that not only you help us with English but also keep us safe from the trolls. I feel much safer in the forum.
Thanks a million for all the hard work you have all done so far to maintain the safety of the forum.
Best wishes,

You're welcome. They are, fortunately, only a minor problem.

I was banned for no particular reason. I can't believe it because I am no troll. I just want to learn English. =(

I ask when I genuinely doesn't know what to use or do.

Please check the email that you registered with- I have sent you a message. You're not banned.

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