English Teacher X Guide To Teaching English Abroad

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English Teacher X's Guide to Teaching Abroad is not a guide to classroom practice with some swearing, but a look at what he sees as the realities and expectations of an ESL teacher's lifestyle and working conditions abroad, with lots of swearing.

Whether you take it with a pinch of salt or not, much of what he says is an accurate reflection of the perils and pitfalls that teachers may find when working abroad in many schools.  The internet is full of websites offering a sun, sea and glamour lifestyle, which very few will experience. ETX's drabber suburban lifestyle without the hey-wow cultural input is probably closer to home.

Few, if any, training courses will recommend this book, but any person thinking about taking up ESL could benefit from reading it. ETX writes well, it is entertaining, and underneath there's a lot of plain truth.  ESL teachers often work odd hours for little money in unglamorous places.  His descriptions of showers reminded me of places I have lived.

I preferred the first part of the book where he's talking about schools and jobs to the second where he's making teaching suggestions.

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