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The differences between American and British spelling are minor. We have contributors from a number of backgrounds and we do not standardise spelling.

In a globalised world, English users are going to come across different spellings. In different parts of the world, different varieties of English predominate- American English is more widely learned in Asia, while British English is more common in the EU. We have contributors from the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Pakistan, India and non-native speakers. People will come across different spellings as they explore the web, so we allow different spellings here- it really doesn't matter whether you write color or colour, and you will find both here, though most of the content is currently written in British English.

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very good site


I would like to learn new vocabularies online if they were with pictures it would be much much better,so could you please inform me about some/a website/s that help me.

Spelling Is Much Cilia

Then it kneeds to bee.
Yew bet yore Jĕƞ ĭ ʈā′ ļē ǝ
Currant dick shun is the air
Off along lost thyme.
It has groan full of heir
Roars, versus that don’t rime.
Wurst of awl, it has bread
Phalluses galore,
Sew it finely must be sad:

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