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Hi, my name's Alex Case and I've worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Italy, the UK and now Japan. I've also published English teaching books, articles and materials for all kinds of people and will be producing a whole lot of stuff for over the next few months (and hopefully years!) Richard (Tdol) has asked me to provide a quick introduction to my materials, so here goes... 

Most of my worksheets and lesson plans have been produced over the years due to the common daily teaching situation of "What can I do? I can't find anything good to practice (telephoning/ make and do/ the Past Perfect Continuous)!" As the years have gone by a few things that the lessons that work really well have in common have emerged, though. I now strive to make as many of my lessons as possible:

  • Fun
  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Active
  • Based on speaking
  • Flexible (in terms of timing, order of tasks, missing bits out etc.)
  • Personalised
  • Student centred
  • Both controlled and free
  • Easy to use both with a textbook and without
  • Suitable for large and small classes
  • Easily adaptable to different teaching approaches (PPP, TTT, TBA etc)
  • Suitable for mixed levels

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