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Alex Case has worked in ELT for 25 years in Turkey, Thailand, the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, South Korea and Japan as a teacher, teacher trainer, manager, writer, reviewer and editor. He now simply teaches and writes about teaching. He has written and/ or reviewed materials for Macmillan/ Onestopenglish, English Teaching Professional, Modern English Teacher, OUP, CUP, Express Publishing, IATEFL Issues, and most of all He has taught and written about almost every part of EFL, from pre-school kids to university staff. His particular interests include:

  • teaching business communication skills (emailing, telephoning, presenting, etc)
  • teaching EFL exam classes (IELTS, Cambridge exams, TOEIC, etc)
  • teaching English for (very) specific purposes (English for architects, designers, security guards, etc)
  • intensive practice through games, problem roleplays, etc
  • teaching functional language (requesting, dealing with complaints, generalising, etc)
  • using songs and stories in young and very young learner classes
  • URA (use, recall, analyse – his variation on PPP/ TTT)

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