The big list of ending the lesson language

Summary: Useful phrases to end ESL classes

Time to stop

It's (almost) time to stop

(I'm afraid/ Sorry but) it's time to finish (now)

We'll have to stop there

There's the bell/ That's the bell. It's time to stop

We've run out of time

The next class is waiting (outside/ to come in)

You'll be late for your next class (if you don't stop now)

We'll have to finish this tomorrow/ in the next lesson

Look at the time/ What time is it now?

30 seconds to finish that activity. It's nearly time to go

That's all (we have time) for today


Not time to stop.

The bell hasn't gone yet.

There are still two minutes to go.

We still have a couple of minutes left.

The lesson doesn't finish till five past.

Your watch(es) must be fast.

We seem to have finished early.

We have an extra five minutes.

We still have time to/for.../ We have five minutes left to/for...

Sit quietly until the bell goes. / I don't remember hearing a bell

Why are you packing your bags already?/ Did anyone tell you to pack your bags?

One more thing before you go

Wait a minute/ Hang on a moment/ Just hold on a moment/ Stay where you are for a moment/ Just a moment, please. / Just a sec/ Just a second/ Wait for it!

(Go) back to your places/ Where are you going?/ Where do you think you are going?/ Don't you think you are jumping the gun?

Juan, you have to stay five extra minutes (as I told you earlier/ because you...)


Clearing up

Put your books and pencils away/ in your bag

Put your things in your bags

Close your books (and put them in your bags)

Pack your things away

You may pack away now

Tidy up (the classroom/ your desks) please

Put any rubbish in the bin

The first team to tidy up gets an extra point/ can leave first

That's the tidy up song, so what do you have to do?



This is your homework for tonight

Copy tonight's homework from the board

Circle these exercises in your workbooks and do them tonight

(Let's check that you remember). What's the homework?

Do exercise 10 on page 23 for (your) homework

Finish this exercise/ Do the next exercise tonight, and we'll check it tomorrow

Check your answers at the back of the book and ask me tomorrow if you have any questions

Learn this list of words (for homework/ by tomorrow/ tonight)

There is no homework tonight (but there will be tomorrow)

Don't forget your homework (this time)

Take a worksheet as you leave.

What do you have to do before the next lesson?


Next time

We'll do the rest of this chapter next time.

We'll finish this exercise next lesson.

We've run out of time, so we'll continue next lesson.

We'll continue this chapter next Monday.

The next class starts at 5 o'clock

Please sit in the same teams in the next class/ We're going to continue with this tomorrow, so please sit together again

We'll do some more practice of this in the next class (because you found it a bit difficult)

Tomorrow's/ Next week's/ Thursday's lesson will be (about)...

Tomorrow/ Next week/ Thursday is a holiday, so I'll see you (all) on...

Is there a class tomorrow/ next week/ on Thursday?

We'll take fifteen minutes' break (so that means you have to be back at 11:23)

We're taking our break a bit late, so be back here by...


Saying goodbye

Goodbye, everyone.

See you (again next Wednesday/ tomorrow/ later/ after the holiday/ after the break)

See you in room 7 after the break.

Have a good holiday.

Enjoy your vacation.

See you next week/ tomorrow/ on Wednesday/ next term/ after the holiday/ later/ this afternoon

Stand up and say goodbye to the class, please

Let's sing the goodbye song (and wave goodbye)


Leaving the room

Whichever team is sitting nicely (and quietly, with your legs under the table) can go home first

Get into a queue/ line up next to the door. (No running and no pushing/ Any running or pushing means you have to go to the back of the line/ If you run or push, you will have sit back down)

Form a queue and wait for the bell.

Try not to make any noise as you leave/ No shouting/ No speaking in the corridor

Be quiet as you leave. Other classes are still working.

The winning team/ This table/ Girls can leave first


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