Fun for all the Family 2- 26 Alphabet & Spelling Games

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Grammar Topic: Spelling and Punctuation

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Fun for all the family Part Two- 26 games for the alphabet and spelling 
English spelling being one of those things that even English teachers sometimes have 
problems with, the game ideas below range from very simple physical games for 
pre-school kids that have never seen an English letter before to intellectual challenges 
for adults who are still struggling with the many pronunciations of –ough. And if that 
intellectual stimulation tires your adult students out, you can always adapt a physical 
game for them from this list instead. 

1.  Letter slap. Students race to slap their hands down on the letter the teacher 

says, or the first letter, last letter or vowel sound of a word they say or name of a 
flashcard they hold up. Can also be done with all the letters of short words. 

2.  Letter jump. Similar to Letter slap, but students jump onto large letters 

(minimum A4) that are scattered around the floor instead. 

3.  Spelling run and slap. The teacher says the name of a letter or letters of the 

alphabet and the students run and slap something in the classroom that starts 
with that letter, is a colour that starts with that letter, can be described by an 
adjective that starts with that letter, is spelt with the mixed up letters the 
teacher gives etc. 

4.  Spelling anti-cocktail Students are given the letters of a word mixed, e.g. as 

plastic magnetic letters, and have to put them in order as a teacher pronounces 
a word or holds up a flashcard. The teacher can then spell the word out so that 
they can check. 

5.  Letters in the dark Students are blindfolded or close their eyes and have to find 

the correct magnetic letters on the table or whiteboard and do any other of the 
games above. Alternatively, give them a letter to feel and identify. 

6.  Chinese whispers The students line up in two rows and the teacher whispers the 

name of a letter, the spelling of a word etc. into the ear of the first person in each 
row. They then whisper it down the row as quickly as possible and the person at 
the front has to do one of the things above, e.g. run and slap the first letter. 

7.  Letter formation With any of the prompts above, students rush to make the 

shape of the relevant letter or letters, using their fingers, whole bodies, Lego 
blocks, play doh, a piece of rope of string, pipe cleaners etc. 

8.  A B bee Student draw pictures of something beginning with the one letter of the 

alphabet, using that letter as part of the picture, e.g. using the letter B as the 
body of a bee and drawing wings etc. on it. 

9.  I-spy The teacher says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with (A)” 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007