Topic: Verbs and Tenses

English Tenses and Aspects 7 - The Habitual Aspect

A look at the difficulties of classifying "used to"

English Tenses and Aspect 6 - The Prospective Aspect

A look at the use of the 'going to' form in English

English Tenses and Aspects 5 - The Retrospective Aspect

A look the the forms traditionally known as the perfect aspect

English Tenses and Aspects 4 - The Durative Aspect

A look at the form traditionally known as the continuous or progressive

English Tenses and Aspect 3 - The Marked Tense

This tense, the traditional 'past simple', sometimes referred to as the preterite, like the unmarked tense, can refer to past, present, future and general time.

English Tenses and Aspect 2 - The Unmarked Tense

It is true that the uses of the unmarked tense can present three major problems for the learner

English Tenses and Aspects 1 - Introduction

I believe the tense/aspect system of English verbs is far less complex than many suppose. There is an underlying logic to the system that, when understood, clears away most of the problems that have caused misery to many learners and their teachers.

Using 'Wish' in English

A look at how to use the verb 'wish'.

The Use of BY + Agent in the Passive Voice

A look at when to use BY with the passive.