Conditional Sentences in English: Other expressions with IF

Summary: A look at other expressions with 'if'

This article is part of an eight-part series on Conditional Sentences in English:

  1. Introduction: What are 'conditional sentences'?
  2. Factual Conditionals
  3. Predictive Conditionals
  4. Hypothetical Conditionals
  5. Counterfactual Conditionals
  6. Alternatives to IF
  7. Other expressions with IF
  8. Non-conditional ‘conditionals’

Other expression with IF

ONLY IF: Teachers may detain students after school only if they have given parents 24 hours’ notice in writing of the detention

Only if stresses the exclusivity of the condition - if the condition is not fulfilled, the situation in the main clause is expressly excluded. Omission of only merely implies the exclusion

IF ONLY: If only I had known that Jill had had cancer [I wouldn’t joked about her appearance].

If only makes hypothetical and counterfactual conditionals expressing surprise or regret stronger. The main clause consequence is often omitted, its message being implied.

EVEN IF: Even if Pompey win all their remaining matches, they can’t escape relegation.

Even if is used when the condition has no effect on the subsequent clause; in [18] the relegation will occur whether or not Pompey win all their remaining matches.

Certain warnings/threats with and and not ….or convey a message very similar in meaning to conditional utterances, though they are not conditional constructions: The first of the following is a conditional warning; the other two are not.

If you come home so late home again, I’ll ground you for a month.

Come home so late home again and I’ll ground you for a month.

Don’t come home so late home again or I’ll ground you for a month.

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