English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: P

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'P'

Showing 64 Verbs, 218 Phrasal Verbs

Pack (6)

Pack away
Pack in
Pack it in
Pack off
Pack out
Pack up

Pad (2)

Pad down
Pad out

Pair (3)

Pair off
Pair off with
Pair up

Pal (3)

Pal about
Pal around
Pal up

Palm (1)

Palm off

Pan (1)

Pan out

Paper (1)

Paper over

Pare (2)

Pare back
Pare down

Part (1)

Part with

Pass (16)

Pass around
Pass as
Pass away
Pass back
Pass by
Pass down
Pass for
Pass off
Pass on
Pass on to
Pass out
Pass over
Pass round
Pass through
Pass to
Pass up

Pat (1)

Pat down

Patch (2)

Patch together
Patch up

Pay (5)

Pay back
Pay down
Pay for
Pay into
Pay off

Peck (1)

Peck at

Peel (5)

Peel away
Peel away from
Peel off
Peel off from
Peel out

Peg (4)

Peg away
Peg down
Peg it
Peg out

Pen (2)

Pen in
Pen up

Pencil (1)

Pencil in

Pep (1)

Pep up

Perk (1)

Perk up

Peter (1)

Peter out

Phase (2)

Phase in
Phase out

Phone (1)

Phone in

Pick (10)

Pick apart
Pick at
Pick off
Pick on
Pick out
Pick through
Pick up
Pick up after
Pick up on
Pick yourself up

Pig (2)

Pig off
Pig out

Pile (5)

Pile in
Pile into
Pile on
Pile out
Pile up

Pin (3)

Pin down
Pin on
Pin up

Pine (2)

Pine away
Pine for

Pipe (2)

Pipe down
Pipe up

Pit (2)

Pit against
Pit out

Pitch (3)

Pitch for
Pitch in
Pitch into

Plant (1)

Plant out

Plate (1)

Plate up

Play (14)

Play about
Play along
Play around
Play at
Play away
Play back
Play down
Play off
Play on
Play out
Play up
Play up to
Play upon
Play with

Plead (1)

Plead out

Plough (5)

Plough back
Plough into
Plough on
Plough through
Plough up

Plow (5)

Plow back
Plow into
Plow on
Plow through
Plow up

Pluck (2)

Pluck at
Pluck up

Plug (3)

Plug away
Plug in
Plug into

Plump (4)

Plump down
Plump for
Plump up
Plump yourself down

Point (1)

Point out

Poke (2)

Poke about
Poke around

Polish (2)

Polish off
Polish up

Pony (1)

Pony up

Poop (2)

Poop out
Poop out on

Pootle (1)

Pootle along

Pop (6)

Pop down
Pop down to
Pop in
Pop off
Pop out
Pop up

Pore (1)

Pore over

Potter (2)

Potter about
Potter around

Pour (2)

Pour down
Pour forth

Power (3)

Power down
Power off
Power up

Prattle (1)

Prattle on

Press (6)

Press ahead
Press for
Press forward with
Press into
Press on
Press upon

Prey (2)

Prey on
Prey upon

Price (2)

Price in
Price up

Print (1)

Print out

Prop (1)

Prop up

Pry (1)

Pry out

Psych (2)

Psych out
Psych up

Pucker (1)

Pucker up

Pull (16)

Pull ahead
Pull apart
Pull away
Pull back
Pull down
Pull for
Pull in
Pull off
Pull on
Pull out
Pull over
Pull through
Pull to
Pull together
Pull up
Pull yourself together

Pump (4)

Pump (money) into
Pump in
Pump out
Pump up

Push (10)

Push about
Push ahead
Push along
Push around
Push in
Push off
Push on
Push out
Push over
Push through

Put (20)

Put across
Put away
Put back
Put by
Put down
Put down for
Put down to
Put forward
Put in
Put in for
Put off
Put on
Put out
Put over
Put through
Put together
Put towards
Put up
Put up to
Put up with